The Norris Law Firm

The Norris Law Firm is a family-run firm that has served the Knoxville area for over thirty years. With the baton passed, the new generation was interested in pivoting the business to focus on business formation and intellectual property law. They approached us to help them redefine the brand and support the firm in this new, exciting direction.

The first step was to refresh the brand identity to give the firm a solid foundation from which they could grow. We built a responsive, scalable website to serve the firm well into the future.

Alliance Brewing Company

Alliance Brewing Company is a great brewery that cherishes relationships developed through its Active Beer Culture mantra. We strive to support their brand via the web, print and merchandising. A weekly strategy meeting keeps the ideas flowing and the teams aligned.


Logo design by The Brandit

Additional design elements by Peter Riesing

McNabb Modern

McNabb Modern Construction needed a platform to showcase their high-end construction and fabrication projects. We designed a responsive gallery-focused website that reflects client’s aesthetic and philosophy. McNabb had a logo and a vision. He needed us to help get it out into the world.

With such a content rich site, demand on the client for assets can be high. Reducing this stress is a priority. Before a pixel was pushed, we created a development strategy with clear milestones so that all parties knew what they were responsible for well ahead of time. Regular meetings and updates ensured that the project stayed on track.

The result is a clean, modern design that effectively showcases the work of McNabb Modern Construction.

Screenshot of McNabb Modern's webisite
Screenshot of McNabb Modern’s website at launch

Logo design by Ben Seamons