Knoxville Ale Trail

The Knoxville Ale Trail is a collaborative effort by Visit Knoxville and the Knoxville Area Brewer’s Association to promote the blossoming craft beer scene. We were tasked with designing the next version of the brochure. The project was blessed with a modest budget and a reasonable timeline. At a minimum, the new design needed to satisfy the following:

  1. Scalable: There needed to be plenty of room and flexibility in the design to accommodate new brewery, affiliate or advertising listings
  2. Maintainable: The brochure would be updated quarterly with changes to brewery, affiliate or ad listings. To keep maintenance costs low, updates to these assets needed to be efficient.
  3. New look & feel…

We wanted to give the client the biggest return on their investment by creating a design that could last years without any major redesign.

The final design was printed on matte finished stock to facilitate “Travelers” taking notes and stamping the map for breweries they had visited as part of the Passport program. The brochures are available at any of the local Knoxville breweries.


Ale Trail Brochure
A shot of the Ale Trail Brochure in the wild
Knoxville Ale Trail brochure
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